NovaBioRubber Green Technologies Inc.  
 Alternative natural rubber, latex and inulin
  Production of natural rubber and latex
  from rubber-bearing plants in North
  America  to satisfy global demand and
  to solve latex allergy.
    Main Activities:
  -Development of green extraction technologies for 
    natural rubber, latex and inulin;
  -Providing extraction equipment for production of
   natural rubber, latex and inulin;
  -Contract-growing rubber-bearing plants;
  -Production of natural rubber, latex and inulin.  
Solution to global issues:
All natural rubber and latex are imported to North America  from Southeast Asia. Brazilian Hevea tree is the only source of natural rubber and latex.
Supply of natural rubber is threatened due to the time to grow Hevea tree (8 yrs), growing market demand, excessive manual labor required for tapping the latex, tree diseases and land shortages.
Latex products from Hevea tree cause latex allergy in certain people. Currently, twenty million people are at risk of fatal latex allergy in North America. Slow-developing latex allergy is threatening everyone.
As the result  of all these factors, the price for natural rubber has increased 14 times since 1997 inspiring the global search for natural rubber alternatives.
These global issues can only be solved by producing alternative natural rubber and latex from rubber-bearing plants such as Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS) (aka Russian Dandelion)  and Scorzonera tau-saghyz (STS). These rubber-bearing plants were discovered  by Soviet Union in 1930s. In 1940s these rubber-bearing plants were grown in the USA and Canada to satisfy rubber shortage. Both rubber-bearing plants  can be grown at minimal costs and all operations can be completely mechanized.

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