NovaBioRubber (formerly KOK Technologies Inc.) develops green technologies for the production of strategic products such as natural rubber, latex and inulin from rubber-bearing plants in North America to satisfy the growing global demand and to solve latex allergy.
Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS), aka Russian Dandelion was already proven in 1940s to be an alternative source of natural rubber and latex in North America. The second rubber-bearing plant Scorzonera tau-saghyz (STS) can also serve another source of natural rubber and latex.
NovaBioRubber was founded by Dr. Anvar Buranov in May of 2009 after obtaining  US patent  for an innovative green rubber recovery process. Starting from a home office in Penticton, BC, the prototype rubber extractor was designed and built at an engineering shop in Kelowna, BC. Nova-BioRubber’s business proposition has two arms: one will provide proprietary extraction equipment, and the other will extract, purify and sell the natural rubber, latex and inulin. Nova-BioRubber is a technology processor company and commercial growing activities will be done by farmers and growers on contract basis. The company' s Advisory Board consists of several Canadian agri-business experts. Currently Nova-BioRubber is working collaboratively with several Canadian Universities on growing activities.
NovaBioRubber has already developed and patented a dry and green extraction technology for natural recovery from rubber-bearing plants (U.S. Patent # 7,540,438). Our patented rubber extraction technology from rubber-bearing plants is dry and green. No chemicals, solvents or water is used. The advantage of the rubber extraction technology arises from the use of dry media which provides cost savings in terms of energy, labour and water consumption. Nova-BioRubber  has recently completed the development of a proprietary rubber extractor (patent-pending).
 Natural rubber and latex are considered as strategic materials and vital to every economy. Natural rubber is mainly used for the production of car tires, airplane tires and medical rubber products. Latex is extracted from fresh plants with our know-how technology and mainly used for the production of hypoallergenic medical gloves, catheters etc. Inulin is used as prebiotic food additive and bioethanol can also be produced from inulin via conventional methods.

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