Our products:
  Green rubber extraction technology;
  Rubber extractors;
  Extraction facility;
  High Quality Seeds;
  Natural rubber, Latex,  Inulin;
  Green latex extraction technology;
  Green inulin extraction technology;
  Latex extractors and equipment;
Licencing is available for patented green rubber extraction technology!
Lab-scale rubber extractor:
Fully automatic continuous lab-scale rubber extractor is perfect for your lab to process up to 20 kg/day of plant material and to produce about 2 kg of rubber. Contact us for more details  and customize for your needs.
Pilot- and commercial- scale rubber extractors:
Fully automatic rubber extractor with accesories for handling plant material and products. The pilot-scale rubber extractor is perfect to process 1000 kg/day of plant material to produce 100 kg of rubber. Commercial-scale rubber extractor can be used for processing 10 tons/day of plant material. Contact us for more details.
Biomass grinding mills (lab-scale and pilot scale):
 Our biomass grinding mills are based on mechanical forces to rupture cell walls into fibrills for better extraction of biopolymers and bioproducts. Our results indicate that there is no equivalent mills to rupture the cell wall to the level our mills have achieved. Contact us for custom manufacturing depending on your needs.
Green Extraction Technologies, Additives and Equipment:
We are pleased to inform that we are now able to provide  the samples of natural rubber and inulin for product applications. Natural rubber and inulin are produced via our green and dry extraction technology. Latex is produced via another green extraction technology developed by us. The extraction agents and additives  are completely green and sustainable.

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